Rob Parker: Eli Manning Will Go Down as a Better QB than Drew Brees

Rob Parker on Why Drew Brees isn't a Top 10 All-Time Quarterback: “If you’re honest and not just a prisoner of the moment, and you’re looking at Johnny Unitas and guys like that -- I know people try to discount him, but Bart Starr too, who was a big-time quarterback for the Packers. They don’t have all those numbers because they used to run the football a lot, but they were great quarterbacks. We can’t discount them, they played a different game back then but those guys were stars. Despite the records that he does have, I’m with you, I think I can pick ten other quarterbacks first, and Drew Brees would be in my next ten. I could think of ten guys right now who are better. Dan Marino even without a Super Bowl, I agree, I would take Dan Marino over Drew Brees any day... He won that one Super Bowl but the postseasons aren't great. They're not that magical. Even the numbers, I'm not discounting the era that he played in, and taking advantage of the running backs, where he could just dump the ball off, like the 'dinking and dunking.' I'm not saying he doesn't throw the ball down the field at all, but I think he had a lot of receivers where he could just get it to them and they would run 20 yards... I don't know if I could put him ahead of Ben or Eli if I'm being honest. Eli performed in some of the biggest games and he's top 10 in yards and touchdowns. I don't know how you can discount 'top 10'... Two Super Bowls, two Super Bowls MVPs, two signature throws, AND he beat the Patriots twice, AND he beat Tom Brady twice, AND he beat the 18-0 Patriots."

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he not only doesn't have Drew Brees in his top 10 all-time NFL quarterback rankings, but why he also has ELI MANNING ranked ahead of the recently retired Brees who finished with the most yards and completions in league history, and second-most touchdown passes.

Check out the video above as Parker details why he thinks Eli's two Super Bowls and extraordinarily noteworthy historical significance puts him ahead of Brees.

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