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Bill Belichick Purposely Tanked Off-Seasons to Force Tom Brady Off Patriots

Bill Belichick Purposely Tanked Off-Seasons to Force Tom Brady Off Patriots
Jason Smith on the Patriots' boisterous offseason: “Why didn’t Bill Belichick do this in the last couple years of Brady?? It’s pretty simple, and not nearly as far-fetched as it sounds. Of course you think Belichick wants to win championships, but you heard about all the dysfunction that was going on in New England in those last couple years. Brady and Belichick couldn’t stand each other and Belichick wanted to move on. When he found a way he decided ‘I am just NOT going to go help him, Brady is going to look bad, and eventually he’s going to leave and I’m going to restart the team’, and that’s exactly what’s going to happen. There is no reason to not keep getting Tom Brady help. It’s not like Belichick is a ‘dumb’ head coach, he’s the best head coach I’ve seen. He knows he needs to keep getting Tom Brady weapons, but there’s only one reason the Patriots stopped getting Tom Brady weapons, and it’s because they WANTED to. They wanted Tom Brady to go... There is no reason why they shouldn’t have gotten Brady help. They got Brady all sorts of help in Tampa Bay and they won the Super Bowl. The Patriots didn’t want to do it, they wanted to push him out, they finally pushed him out, and now it’s ‘VOILA! HERE’S ALL KINDS OF HELP!’ and they signed eleven players in the last few days… Belichick is playing the longer game because he’s going ‘I’m going to be around longer than Brady is, and now we’re going to make this right and see what we can do.’” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Jason Smith explain his theory on why he believes the New England Patriots just so happen to have their most lucrative free-agent spending spree in franchise history a year removed from the Tom Brady era, as Jason believes Bill Belichick purposely went out his way to not pursue free agents at the end of Brady’s reign in New England to make Brady look bad and want to leave the Patriots.

Check out the audio above as Smith says this is the only reasonable explanation for the Patriots effectively playing dead the last several offseasons, with Jason detailing why he thinks Belichick is playing the long game to eventually restart his championship success without Brady.

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