Dan Shaughnessy Says LeBron James Part-Owning Red Sox is 'Not a Good Look'

Dan Shaughnessy Says LeBron James Part-Owning Red Sox 'Isn't a Good Look'

Doug Gottlieb: “LeBron James is part of a group that now owns the Boston Red Sox. I understand that he’s not the primary owner, but he’s also a Yankees fan owning the Red Sox. That’s weird.”

Dan Shaunessy: “There’s a lot of weird about that. The Red Sox are not at the height of popularity right now, and they’re fighting against apathy, mismanagement, changing strategies every year, and coming off a last-place season – their worst year since 1965. If you can do one thing to make your fans hate you more than they already do, you would have LeBron James take over as one of your owners. I can’t explain it. Obviously, financially it’s a good thing for everybody, but in terms of PR and the optics of this, it could not be worse. I don’t think the Boston Bruins would have hired Wilt Chamberlain as one of their owners back in their day. It’s not a good look for them.” (Full Segment Above)

Boston Globe columnist and long-time Boston sports mainstay Dan Shaughnessy went on The Doug Gottlieb Show commenting on Wednesday's breaking news that LeBron James was purchasing an ownership stake in the Boston Red Sox, with Shaughnessy saying that it’s ‘not a good look’ for Boston sports.

LeBron reportedly now owns an undisclosed amount of Fenway Sports Group shares, as FSG founder John Henry will still retain control of the Red Sox, while the chairman and team president will go on unchanged as well.

James has spent time dabbling as a Yankees fan, often seen at events in the 2000s wearing Yankees hats, and even attending Yankees home games wearing the team’s colors, and the Ohio-native also became an Indians superfan during their 2015 World Series run.

James isn’t exactly the most liked guy in the area, as James’ Cavaliers and Heat teams often had to overcome the Boston Celtics to get to the NBA Finals.

Shaunessy says this would be the equivalent of the Boston Bruins selling part of their franchise to former Lakers legend Wilt Chamberlain.

Listen to the full segment above.

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