Colin Cowherd Hands Out Grades For His NFL Offseason Report Cards

Listen to Professor Colin hand out his NFL free agency report cards, as Colin Cowherd grades the teams who have been the most active so far this offseason.

Arizona Cardinals: C+

“They kind of doubled down on what they already are. They already had a really good pass rush, so they added JJ Watt. They were already fourth in sacks. They did lose Kenyon Drake, but they also acquired Rodney Hudson – a very good center, and they got culture-changing athletes to their locker room; JJ Watt, AJ Green, and Rodney Hudson. It’s a little bit of a culture change move, it’s not a lot of guys that are going to give you 16 of 17 games, but it’s something, C+.”

Chicago Bears: F

“TERRIBLE. It’s the fourth quarterback they’ve whiffed on, and Andy Dalton does not fit what they’re trying to do. They also lost their best corner, Kyle Fuller. They’re the only franchise who doesn’t have a quarterback with 4,000 passing yards, and 30+ touchdowns in a season. I just don’t think they know how to do quarterback because Dalton doesn’t fit their personnel. They needed a PLAYMAKER – a Darnold or Marcus Mariota, they DON’T need a Dalton of Tyrod Taylor, they need someone who can really move and they didn’t get it. To me it’s a bad, BAD offseason."

Check out the FULL video above as Colin gives out grades for the Cowboys, Raiders, Chargers, Patriots, Giants, Jets, Bucs, and Washington Football Team.

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