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Colin Cowherd Ranks His Top 10 Favorites Moves of the NFL Offseason

Colin Cowherd ranks his top 10 favorite moves of the NFL offseason.

10. Dak Prescott – Cowboys (4-year, $160 million)

“Am I concerned he’s going to make $40 million a year? Yeah, I think it’s too much. Am I concerned he’s 7-18 against teams above .500 the last four years? Yeah. Am I concerned the more the Cowboys rely on Dak and not Zeke the less they win? Yeah. But in the end, they’ll have continuity at quarterback. He’s an adult, he’s a grown-up, and in the NFL what you CAN'T be is searching week after week for the right distributor at quarterback, so I don’t love the contract. I do worry that he has struggled against better teams – we have a trend here, but he’s in-house and they don’t have to worry about that position.”

9. Aaron Jones – Packers (4-year, $48 million)

“Aaron Jones signing with the Packers is huge. First, it’s a team-friendly deal, this is a city that does not get free agents. I think he’s the first or second best running back in the NFL. The dude has 35 touchdowns the last two years. That is a TON of touchdowns. You look at Green Bay’s roster, outside of Aaron Rodgers, there are two stars – Davante Adams and Aaron Jones, and Aaron just took a team-friendly deal for a franchise that can’t get free agents. This is a huge deal and a big coup for Green Bay."

Check out the FULL countdown of Colin's rankings in the video above.

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