Disturbing Allegations Against Deshaun Watson Continue to Mount

Clay Travis: “These are the most serious collections of sexual assault allegations that I can ever remember being levied against any NFL player in modern history… Not only is Deshaun Watson potentially facing massive civil damages as well as a suspension from the NFL for violating the NFL personal conduct policy, but he’s potentially facing double-digit criminal sexual assault charges… The precedent that the NFL has set using Ezekiel Elliott as a recent example makes it highly likely that Deshaun Watson, regardless of whether criminal charges are brought or not, is likely to miss a huge portion of the 2021 football season, potentially ALL of it, and that might just be the beginning of all of his problems.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Clay Travis discuss the ongoing Deshaun Watson saga, as one of the NFL’s best players has come under fire this month for rampant sexual assault accusations being directed at Watson from as many as 24 women to this point.

Twelve lawsuits have already been filed by a collection of masseuses, estheticians, and other women who work in spa-related professions, all alleging similar forms of sexual assault during private massage sessions that had Watson performing aggressive and perverted sexual acts, including repeatedly asking the women to work on his glutes and groin area.

One woman even alleged that Watson made her perform oral sex on him.

Check out the video above as Clay details the severity of the accusations, as Clay believes Watson could be looking at ‘catastrophic' consequences.