The Real Reason the Brooklyn Nets Traded For James Harden

Colin Cowherd: “Kyrie, again, is like ‘Yeah, I’m going to miss some games..’ and I think to myself, everyone can say nice stuff and pretend it’s no big deal, but it’s the second and third time now. Aren’t they a little concerned??”

Ric Bucher: “Sure, it’s why they went and got James Harden. If you recall, right before they made that deal Kyrie was off and missing games. Some of it was protocol, some of it was concern for social justice… Nobody was quite clear on why Kyrie was gone and when he would be back. The feeling was that ‘look, we’ve invested heavily in this season, it’s ALL a go. Let’s go get a second guy to go play with KD'. What I’ve been told was that their thinking was ‘we don’t know when we’re gonna get Kyrie back or how much we’re going to have Kyrie, so let’s go and get another guy to where we can still be competitive in the East and still run for it, and if Kyrie is still here, great, but if he’s not we can continue to compete’ This is what the Nets were prepared for having happened.”

Listen to Ric Bucher explain to Colin Cowherd why exactly the Brooklyn Nets traded for the now-MVP front-runner James Harden, as the NBA insider says the Nets were afraid that they couldn’t trust a disillusioned and enigmatic Kyrie Irving to play the rest of the season.

Irving will miss the next three games of the Nets road trip to attend to a 'family matter.'

Check out the full segment above.

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