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Tony Allen Blasts Draymond Green Calling Himself 'Greatest Defender Ever'

Tony Allen Blasts Draymond Green Calling Himself 'Greatest Defender Ever'

Chris Broussard: “Did it bother you that Draymond comes out and says he’s the ‘best defender ever’?”

Tony Allen: “Yeah, you know it did, obviously… That ain’t nothing you just come out and say… It rubbed me the wrong way… He's cut from the cloth I’m cut from. Every time I see him play, I see him out there throwing his body out there, ready to get confrontational, ready to disrupt any offense by taking charges, and things of that nature. That’s what I know you for. But I ain't heard Dirk Nowitzki come out and say, "Man, that boy, Draymond Green…” I ain't heard LaMarcus Aldridge come out and say “That boy Draymond Green…” Nah, what his game is, he's already stamped. He's a champion. He's a DPOY. But when you say you’re the best in the world? No, stop it… Can he do that same thing if he was on the Charlotte Hornets right now?? Can he have that same impact on another team? We all know him from passing the ball to Klay, making plays, being disruptive on the defensive end, taking charges, and making the prolific scorer on the other team irritated – that’s his defense to the game. He ain’t locking in no KD the last five minutes of the game and stopping KD from scoring five or six buckets in a row to win. That’s what I call a ‘lockdown defender’. What he do is very honorable and very respectable, but as far you saying you’re the ‘best’? Man, we gotta talk about this.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Tony Allen, a former three-time NBA All-Defensive First Teamer, and three-time All-Defensive Second Teamer, join The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard and Rob Parker to explain why he took offense to Draymond Green recently proclaiming himself as the ‘greatest defender of all time.

Allen was an NBA champion with the Boston Celtics in 2008, and the late great Kobe Bryant at one time called him the best defender he ever faced.

Check out the audio above as Allen refutes Draymond’s bold assertion.

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