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Why the Dolphins Need to Move Off Tua Tagovailoa and Draft Another QB

Colin Cowherd: “Justin Field is bigger than Tua, stronger than Tua, faster than Tua, a bigger high-end arm than Tua, and a better athlete than Tua. A play has to be designed for Tua, and the play has to work. It’s very Derek Carr and it’s very Kirk Cousins. It’s not that way for Josh Allen, or Lamar Jackson, or Patrick Mahomes, or Russell Wilson, or Kyler Murray, or Aaron Rodgers. They can go off-script. Tua is more Kirk Cousins, Derek Carr, or Andy Dalton. Pressure = trouble and ad-libbing gets trouble. When Ryan Fitzpatrick replaced Tua, at 38 he looked significantly more athletic than Tua. I know he was a rookie but Tua under pressure is BAD. Joe Burrow looked good by Week 2. 45 passer rating, 43% completion percentage. He is a player that you HAVE to have a play designed for. I would take a quarterback. I don’t wanna be trapped with Tua, and in Week 7 watching Josh Allen come into Miami and have so many more gifts, and so much more talent. If Tua had to ad-lib he’s very limited. Do you want to be stuck with a 5’11” guy who can’t work off-script?” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the Miami Dolphins should take Justin Fields with the number three overall pick that they got in the Laremy Tunsil trade with the Texans, and position themselves to potentially move off from former rookie quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.

Check out the video above as Colin details why a talented and ready-made Miami roster, coupled with a mediocre 2022 QB draft class on the horizon, should spook the Dolphins into pulling a Kyler Murray-Josh Rosen knowing they’ll probably never be picking third again for the next half-decade at least.

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