Questions that Still Need to Be Answered in the Bizarre Deshaun Watson Saga

Questions that Still Need to Be Answered in the Deshaun Watson Saga
Clay Travis: “The more and more of these cases that build up the worse it looks for Deshaun Watson because we are long since passed ‘he-said/she-said’. I think a lot of you are asking the same questions I am -- how many massages is this guy getting?? There are now over two dozen women who said they felt sexually assaulted by Deshaun Watson. This doesn’t seem like ‘hey, I’m a pro athlete and I need a really good massage to make sure that I’m able to perform at a high level.’ He’s reaching out to random women on Instagram and asking them to massage him and he’s not sticking with the same masseuse… Athletes are creatures of habit. There is not a single athlete out there hardly at all who finds a personal trainer that they like and then switches from one personal trainer to another on a day-to-day basis… This is not some sort of therapeutic massage. If it were that, then Deshaun Watson would find somebody who is the best at giving him a massage and go back to them time after time. I guarantee you that the Houston Texans have masseuses that work with the team that can take care of players who need issues to be worked out. What Deshaun Watson was doing was picking different women it appears, every time he was getting a massage… If I’m making $100 million and I’m trying to get my body in the best condition it can possibly be in, I don’t want a brand new trainer every time I go into the gym… This was not about Deshaun Watson getting healthy while getting massages. He’s flying in new masseuses that he finds on Instagram every week from different states. He’s locking the door, according to the allegations, and saying that he’s basically nude. According to these lawsuits he’s asking for sexual favors during the workout. This doesn't feel like in any way, a massage that is connected to being a better athlete. All these women telling the same stories is an awful look for Deshaun Watson... What Deshaun Watson needs to be concerned about the most is certainly not the NFL's personal-conduct investigation, it's not even the civil lawsuits, even though how bad it is making him look. It is the fact that there may be criminal investigations unspooling as we speak and could lead to even more legal peril." (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Clay Travis discuss the developing Deshaun Watson story, and discuss some of the more intimate details of the case that appear increasingly damning for Watson.

Check out the audio above, and check out some of Clay’s other segments on Watson below.

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