Chris Broussard: LeBron James' NBA Career May End Sooner than Expected

Chris Broussard: “I think the Lakers should have pulled the trigger on Kyle Lowry. The reports are that it was Taylor Horton-Tucker that they refused to give up. They were willing to give up Dennis Schroder, and KCP. I like THT, I’m in the minority because people on other teams around the league are like ‘oh no, I wouldn’t have given up THT!’, and yet I don’t know that he’s a star. If I had to bet I don’t think he’s a star in the future. He’s 20 years old. If I’m the Lakers, I’m thinking win NOW. Every season you have Lebron James, it’s WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP, period. LeBron, and let’s keep it real, has now had serious injuries in two of his three years with the Lakers, and the one year he didn’t have one he got a four-month hiatus. This notion that LeBron is going to be great for the next three years, I don’t know. I hope so, but I don’t know if that’s going to be the case. It might be that when he plays he’s great, but he’s going to get hurt as his body breaks down. Every year you have him, go for the championship, and Kyle Lowry in a lot of people’s minds would have put them ahead of everybody else in the West again, but ahead of even Brooklyn. That’s who they got to match up with, because just getting to the Finals is not the goal for the Lakers.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Chris Broussard explain to Colin Cowherd why he was surprised the Lakers didn’t pull the trigger on Kyle Lowry at the trade deadline, saying that he thought the Lakers would be more inclined to push for a championship in the time they have left with LeBron James’ prime years.

Check out the video above as Broussard details the recent injury history for LeBron, and why he doesn’t think his career is going to be as long as many previously had anticipated.

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