Colin Cowherd and Joel Klatt Present Their First Round 2021 NFL Mock Draft

Watch Colin Cowherd and Joel Klatt present the first half of their 2021 NFL Mock Draft, as both Cowherd and Klatt alternate picks for the first 16 selections.

1. Jacksonville Jaguars: TREVOR LAWRENCE, QB, Clemson.

Colin: “This is an easy one and the easiest pick I’ll make. Trevor Lawrence, quarterback, Clemson. I don’t like big school quarterbacks going in the NFL, I like my guys to get beat up a little in college. Since Andrew Luck, he’s the LOCK at quarterback. Big games – Alabamas, Ohio States, he can move, there’s a lot of Justin Herbert, he’s smart, and you can tell he’s got some innate leadership qualities to him. I really like him, and I really liked him two years ago. He’s gotten better every year and he checks all the boxes for me, so I’m going Trevor Lawrence, Urban Meyer gets his guy.”

2. New York Jets: PENEI SEWELL, OT, Oregon.

Joel: “I’m with Colin on this one, I like Sam Darnold a lot, I have since college. I think the Jets actually stick with Darnold, so I’m going to go with Penei Sewell, the offensive tackle from Oregon. This guy has extreme upside. His athleticism is off the charts, his feet are off the charts, he’s very smart, he’s young, he’s probably still a little underdeveloped which is why he’s not going to flash as the most polished offensive pass-blocker, but he is a physical freak. I think the Jets are going to give Darnold a little bit of help, and Robert Saleh looks at the offensive line and says ‘you know what, can we build something’, and I think Penei Sewell goes number two from Oregon.”

For picks 3-16, check out the FULL video above.

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