Colin Cowherd: Kawhi Leonard Has Been a Huge Disappointment For Clippers

Colin Cowherd: “Rajon Rondo got traded to the Clippers for Lou Williams. When the Lakers went and got Rondo they literally needed a third scoring option. They’re making this move for chemistry and leadership. Let’s be honest about this, Kawhi Leonard has been a disappointment. He’s missed 24 starts, he was awful in game 7 against Denver last year in the bubble. He was TERRIBLE. He’s not really a player that elevates others. He turned off teammates with some ‘special treatment.’ He’s a great player but he's been disappointing. When you put him in the same building and the same city as LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard shrinks. Doesn’t really lead, doesn’t really elevate teammates, misses a lot of games, and this year he’s been BAD at the end of fourth quarters. They brought Kawhi Leonard here to be their LeBron, but in the end what are the Clippers, today? Doc Rivers is gone, Lou Williams gone, Montrezel Harrell gone, Paul George disappointing in the playoffs, and when Kawhi is propped up next to LeBron is kind of limited. You can’t build a culture with him. Now the Clippers are just a collection of players that wear the same uniform, but WHAT are they?? Kawhi is just a ‘talented’ basketball player. It feels like this move so far is a big disappointment… He’s just a talented guy, and the league is full of them.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Kawhi Leonard has been a ‘big disappointment’ on the Clippers through a season and a half, as Colin thinks the team acquiring Rajon Rondo at the trade deadline for ‘chemistry and leadership’ was an indictment on Kawhi.

Check out the video above as Colin details why he thinks Kawhi is simply a ‘talented’ guy now in a league full of them, and ultimately a star who has shrunk in the presence of LeBron James.

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