Why It's Impossible to Buy Into Deshaun Watson Conspiracy Theories

Why It's Impossible to Buy Into Deshaun Watson Conspiracy Theories
Clay Travis: “I don’t believe in Deshaun Watson conspiracy theories. I don’t believe in conspiracy theories when no one benefits, and here I don’t see anyone benefitting. Usually for a conspiracy theory to exist someone has to be gaining something. When you look at all the different angles of this story I think clearly Deshaun Watson is losing, and I think the Houston Texans are losing because Deshaun Watson isn’t going to be able to play for them based on the likelihood of the NFL Personal Conduct Policy being applied against Deshaun Watson in a major way. Certainly, if the Texans were going to move on from Deshaun Watson, they would want to trade him for the best possible value. Now the trade value is minimal. I don’t believe that any other NFL team is going to be able to trade for Deshaun Watson because of how messy this situation is. You could have Deshaun Watson standing trial for sexual assault. Do you want to give up first-round draft picks for a quarterback that may be in criminal or civil lawsuits that would make him look like a serial sexual abuser? NO WAY. The Texans have lost a huge majority of any trade value that might exist out there for Deshaun Watson. Based on the Personal Conduct Policy, I believe it’s likely that at a minimum, Deshaun Watson is going to miss substantial games in 2021 if he plays at all. I don’t buy into the conspiracy angle because I don’t think there’s any way this could have been pulled off, and I don’t think there would be anyone who benefits at all. Some of you out there are saying ‘Well, what if all of this was made up??’ He-said/she said’s happen all the time and it’s difficult to know who is telling the truth or whether the truth maybe somewhere in between what the man typically says, and what the woman typically says, but how many times are there double-digit sexual assault accusers willing to go public and the man be 100% innocent of any wrongdoing?? This would require extreme criminal behavior on behalf of these women – collusion and conspiracy on their part… It doesn’t mean it can’t happen, there are always cases without precedent, I’m just telling you I can’t ever remember seeing it happen in my career as a lawyer, or in my time covering prominent athletes as they intersect with the world of sports law.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Clay Travis explain why he’s not buying some of the conspiracy theories surrounding the Deshaun Watson sexual assault case, including ones that connect the plaintiff lawyer Tony Buzbee and the McNair Family who own the Houston Texans, planning a way to torpedo the reputation of Watson because he wanted a trade out of Houston this offseason.

Check out the audio above as Clay, still a licensed lawyer in the state of Tennessee, says he would have never seen such a far-reaching sexual assault conspiracy in his career in criminal law that had this many women from this many different states colluding with one another to accuse one man of sexual assault.

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