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Drew Brees: I Tried to Help Jameis Winston Be His Best

Drew Brees: I Tried to Help Jameis Winston Be His Best (AUDIO)

Future Hall of Fame QB Drew Brees joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show. They talk about his decision to retire and his new gig at NBC Sports. He says he has always tried to help develop young talent and tried to do so for Jameis Winston. And he describes his feelings knowing this would be his last season as he relives breaking multiple ribs against the Buccaneers.

Dan Patrick:“Did you realize the impact you had on Jameis (Winston)? Because he got really emotional when he was asked about being there in New Orleans with you…” 

Drew Brees:“Yeah man, that was humbling. We had a great QB room. We had a lot of fun together. I always took it as a great responsibility to help young guys, help the guys that were in our room. I know that some guys maybe take a different approach. Maybe they look at it as: this is the guy who’s coming in trying to take my job and so I’m not going to extend any help, or advice, or guidance. I took a very different approach because I knew how many veteran quarterbacks, as I was coming up, helped me, and mentored me, and I can’t tell you how much confidence that gave me and really how that helped guide me through my early years, you know, when I had some struggles. And so, I’ve always kind of made it a commitment that, if any young quarterback reached out to me or was in my room with the Saints, man, I was going to do everything I could to help them be the best that they could be and I tried to do that for Jameis.”