Former NFL Doctor: Deshaun Watson Using Numerous Masseuses is 'Unheard Of'

Dr. David Chao: “This doesn’t pass the smell test for me from a medical perspective. It doesn’t make sense. Massage therapy is indeed part of the medical program having been involved in professional sports as a head team physician for an NFL team for almost two decades. Massage therapists are in the building, they’re part of injury prevention, they’re part of recovery, they can be part of rehab, and they can be part of the treatment protocol. They’re an affiliated medical service no different from chiropractors, working with strength and conditioning coaches... but the bottom line is that it just doesn’t make sense. It’s unheard of to rotate so many massage therapists… Professional athletes are creatures of habit, they like things done the same way and when something works for them they don’t want to experiment… It just doesn’t make sense to jump around massage therapists… NFL athletes often flew the masseuse that they liked out to away games and put them up at the team hotel at their expense. They didn’t call locally in Denver or to Kansas City to get a local massage therapist typically. Some did, but a lot used the ones they were comfortable with. Deshaun Watson is not a rookie, he’s been in Houston for four years. You would think he would have a routine by now and wouldn’t be searching. That’s what doesn’t make sense to me from all of this, is the merry-go-round of continued searching. I hope there’s a good solid explanation from it, and I hope there was nothing nefarious, but medically it doesn’t make sense how one would hop around.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Dr. David Chao, a former team physician with the San Diego Chargers for 17 years, discuss the developing Deshaun Watson sexual assault fallout, and give his insight into why he believes it would make ‘no medical sense’ for Watson to cycle through different masseuses so often and at such a staggering rate.

Watson is currently facing 20 sexual assault lawsuits from 20 different massage therapists alleging that the Texans quarterback acted inappropriately during massage sessions, with the common belief that Watson was simply looking for 'sex' from the private massage.

Dr. Chao says massage therapy has a very close connection to NFL strength and conditioning but says it’s ‘unheard of’ for a player to look for that many therapists, especially with it being an NFL veteran seeking out obscure local masseuses.

Check out the video above as Chao details why he doesn’t think this entire story passes the ‘smell test’ from a medical perspective.

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