Rob Parker: Blame LeBron James For Player Generated Super Teams

The Brooklyn Nets continue to stack the deck coming out of the NBA Trade Deadline, with Blake Griffin and LaMarcus Aldridge now officially on the roster. Brooklyn has been incredibly scary to witness as they've managed to win many games while not having Kevin Durant in the lineup and Kyrie Irving sitting out the occasional game here and there.

Rob Parker always says, "LeBron James invented MySpace, and Kevin Durant invented Facebook." Parker was making the point about how player-generated super teams started with LeBron, and now other great players have attempted to do the same. Ultimately Parker believes that if LeBron never decided to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers (the first time), Kevin Durant stays in Oklahoma City, and the league continues to have a more competitive balance.

Rob Parker: "Now this is a new level. And I believe that LeBron, you reap what you sow. He started this, and now I think the NBA has turned into the ABL: 'Anybody BUT LeBron.' That's where we are now...For people who are like crying and boohooing, saying this isn't fair to LeBron...LEBRON WENT OUT AND TRIED TO GET KAWHI AND ANTHONY DAVIS TO JOIN HIM AT THE LAKERS!"

Check out Chris Broussard & Rob Parker's conversation on this matter: