Colin Cowherd: Zion Williamson Has to Start Thinking About Leaving Pelicans

Colin Cowherd: “In three or four years at the end of his first contract I believe Zion is going to get tired of just dominating European bigs and dropping 38 with a 68% field goal percentage. He’s going to have a real decision to make, and LeBron DIDN’T do it… You usually stay for your second contract because it’s massive generational wealth, but Zion is different. Zion in three years will move from the ‘prove it’ and ‘show off’ stage to the ‘I want something more’ and the ‘trophy stage.’ Number one, Zion has an injury history. Zion may view himself and think ‘man, this isn’t going to be a 17-year career, I’m not doing a LeBron here. I got about nine years to crush it.’ He’s a smart kid and probably thought about it, and had people tell him about it. He doesn’t see himself, perhaps, as a 20-year player… He signed a shoe deal bigger than LeBron, this dude is going to move A LOT of merchandise. I think he has real decisions to make. He doesn’t feel like a ‘demand a trade guy’, that’s not his personality, I wonder if he does what LeBron wouldn’t do. If you asked LeBron today ‘did you waste three years of your career in Cleveland?’ I think LeBron would have made a move earlier to a Miami.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Zion Williamson needs to seriously start thinking about his plan to possibly leave New Orleans at the end of his first contract with the Pelicans, as Colin believes Zion doesn’t have the type of durability that would promise him all these many years at chasing a championship with his maiden team.

Check out the video above as Colin details why he thinks Zion needs to look past a second contract with the Pelicans, and look towards making his BIG move to win rings similar to what LeBron did joining the Big Three in Miami, adding that he doesn’t see a ’17-year’ career for Zion in regards to his health.

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