Doug Gottlieb: Deshaun Watson's NFL Career Could Be Over

Doug Gottlieb: “I don’t know how you don’t think Deshaun Watson’s entire career is in peril.”

Listen to Doug Gottlieb discuss his thoughts on the Deshaun Watson sexual assault saga, and why he believes it’s now become inarguable that Watson’s entire NFL career is in danger of ending during his prime at the age of 25.

Watson has quickly gone from one of the league’s most-liked players to possibly one of its most maligned ever, as 19 lawsuits have now been filed by 19 different women alleging that Watson partook in some form of unwanted sexual deviance while receiving private massages.

The common trend of the lawsuit is that Watson wasn’t ever looking for sports massages, but was rather looking for ‘sex’, and was using his Instagram to DM-ing dozens of female masseuses for private sessions.

Check out the segment above as Gottlieb is starting to wonder if there isn’t going to be a light at the end of the tunnel anytime soon for Watson, as the onslaught on his name has been entirely one-sided at this point in time.

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