Doug Gottlieb: Kim Mulkey's Comments on COVID-19 Testing Were Spot On

Doug Gottlieb: Despite Backlash, Kim Mulkey's COVID Comments Were Spot On
Doug Gottlieb: “I completely agree [with Kim Mulkey’s comments]. What happens is people take this to mean 15 different things. She wasn’t talking about the entire season, she wasn’t talking about the entire NCAA Tournament, she wasn’t talking about her club, she was simply saying ‘hey look, there are four teams left, we’ve gotten through this whole thing, we’re in Texas where things are 100% open, and there’s no masks mandates or other COVID protocols that are needed within the state guidelines.’ She’s alrealy had it. Older people have been vaccinated, teachers have been vaccinated, first responders have been vaccinated… They’re down to 4 teams, they’ve made it this far, what’s the point? What could be accomplished? I guess the idea of one person spreading it to the other team? I think we’re through it, and if we’re not, there hasn’t been a single case of a single college athlete that has played a sport that has come down, been sick, and gotten to the level, knock on wood, of a ventilator. There have been plenty of kids who have gotten it, they have quarantined, and it has hurt many teams. I understand that previously, but now we're down to four teams and the culmination of a championship.. I’m with her. If you tested negative up until the time of the Final Four why does it matter? Everything is in the incubation period, and by the time it hits people, they’ll be home anyway… Has there been a case of a collegiate athlete that’s competed who has gotten COVID and gotten really sick?... You say ‘we’re all trying to be safe here’, and my case is ‘I can agree with trying to be safe, but safe from what?’ They’re already isolated from everyone else, no one’s gotten deathly ill from this thing, and everything else around them is wide open.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he agrees with Baylor women’s basketball head coach Kim Mulkey’s recent postgame remarks that drew backlash, as the National Championship winning coach said she doesn’t believe teams should have to undergo COVID-19 testing during the Final Four, as a positive test would effectively crown a champion via forfeit.

Check out the segment above as Gottlieb details why he thinks the media is manipulating what Mulkey’s actual message was, and why the issue of ‘safety’ here is being misplaced.

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