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Clay Travis: Deshaun Watson's Legal Defense Has Been a 'Failure' Thus Far

Clay Travis: “Everything is continuing to get worse for Deshaun Watson pretty much every single day. If you go back to when this allegation first went public from this first women, Deshaun Watson put out a statement saying ‘Hey, they wanted to settle with us, they wanted $100,000’, and Rusty Hardin has shared the email correspondence of that first allegation in an effort, I think, to diminish the allegation. That is a failure to me because when the first negotiation was going on in this case, there was not a recognition of how many other women were going to come forward and tell the same story. If you want to consider this a massive miscalculation, the initial miscalculation happened by Deshaun Watson, his lawyers, and his representatives. If they had paid this woman $100,000, her allegation would have never gone public and all these other women wouldn’t have necessarily seen the media coverage of the allegation and also decided to come forward and tell their story. There is a large degree of arrogance on behalf of Deshaun Watson, who could have cut a check for $100,000, insured that this story never went public, and many of the other women may have also never gone public, because that first allegation made many of these massage therapists realize ‘oh, it’s not just me, I’m not alone’… This has created a threat not only to Deshaun Watson’s 2021 season, but as there is a criminal investigation now underway, it’s possible that Deshaun Watson could spend years in prison. He could be -- on the probabilistic scale, worst-case scenario --be the NFL’s version of Jeffrey Epstein, or Bill Cosby. He could be a sexual predator who will spend years in prison, and his entire NFL career could be over. That is a reasonable and realistic from the legal travails that he is facing right now. I’m not saying it’s ‘likely’, I’m saying it’s reasonable and possible if you look at the scope of potential outcomes. THIS many women accusing you of THIS many things is potentially putting Deshaun Watson in the Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Cosby scenario, who both went to prison. The best-case scenario for Deshaun Watson continues to get worse and worse… If I were his legal representation right now, I would say ‘Man, we gotta settle this case, and we gotta settle it right now.’ It may cost you $25 million, and I don’t really know what the number is right now to settle this case, but you need to cut a check and all of this you have to pay for. You have to apologize for your behavior, you come out and say you don’t believe you committed any crimes, but you now understand that your behavior made many women uncomfortable. You are going to reconsider all of your decisions going forward, you’re going to apologize to these women, and you’re going to ask for forgiveness from the American sports fan public as you attempt to become a better person… Serve your season-long suspension and then maybe then somebody is going to be willing to trade for you and let you start anew in a new city. I would also tell him, never for the rest of your life, ever get a massage from any woman ever again… He basically called all of these women liars, and I bet there are some of them that are not as interested in money now as they are in justice… It’s not crazy to believe that his career, at least for the next several years, could be over.” (Full Audio Segment Above)

Listen to Clay Travis, a licensed lawyer in his home state of Tennessee, explain why he thinks Deshaun Watson’s legal representation has been a ‘failure’ up to this point, as Clay believes Watson’s side could have reached an early settlement with the first accuser, but instead went the route of arrogantly trying to dismiss the charges unbeknownst that almost two dozen more accusers were on the horizon.

Check out the video above as Clay details how he would advise Watson if he were his attorney.

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