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Deshaun Watson Is Past the Point of No Return

Sports Lawyer Dan Lust joins Doug Gottlieb on The Doug Gottlieb Show with the latest on the Deshaun Watson saga. He dives deep on the orders to reveal the identity of Watson’s accusers and says the time for settling things out of court has passed.

Doug Gottlieb: Are we past the point of no return where we will have some sort of ruling at the end of the day?

Dan Lust: "I think we've passed the point of settling. It's a no-lose proposition at this point because Nike's dropped him, Beats By Dre has dropped him. In the court of public opinion, if he pays them it's not going to go well for him. A hefty suspension could come from the NFL. This is a purely civil case at this point. This might go all the way. Less than 1% of cases go to trial but this might be one. Watson has the financial means to take a case to trial. If isn't about money for the victims and it's about making an example out of Deshaun Watson, would they take the money at this point? That's the position that Tony Buzbee has set up...that it's not about the money. If you put the money on the table, it's not clear that they'd accept it."