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Colin Cowherd: Jets Should Take Justin Fields, NOT Zach Wilson, With Pick 2

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he would draft Justin Fields with the no. 2 overall pick if he were the GM of the Jets, and NOT Zach Wilson, despite the majority of NFL insiders believing Wilson to New York is effectively a foregone conclusion.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why the Jets should take Fields at two, the 49ers should take Trey Lance at three, and why he has Zach Wilson falling all the way to six, with the Broncos swapping picks with the Dolphins to grab the BYU star.

2. Jets – Justin Fields

“He has eights wins against top 20 opponents. He has been on the big stage and Zach Wilson has not. Zach Wilson is a small-town kid. I think Justin Fields has faced the best competition, he's often been the best player on the field, he's been in big championship games, and this is a situation where I need this guy to come in and just play. Zach Wilson, from small-town Utah, to BYU; his best year at BYU was this year when they played their weakest schedule because of the pandemic. I would take Justin Fields."

3. 49ers – Trey Lance

“I would not have traded up if I were San Francisco and given all those picks up, but since they're here, I would draft Trey Lance. Why? Because I think he has the most talent but is not quite ready to play, and so I would sit him for a year behind Jimmy Garoppolo. Kyle Shanahan has had one quarterback who is a dual threat; RGIII who won Rookie of the Year. Sit behind Garoppolo, this is a run-centric offense, heavy lean on the tight end, and it's very quarterback friendly. This kid's ceiling is forever. It's a roofless house forever. Let him sit for a year and come in comfortably. I wouldn't have traded all these picks, but this is who I would take. I'm not trading all those picks to get a guy in Mac Jones with the lowest ceiling."

6. Broncos – Zach Wilson

"Miami should trade out of the pick with Denver. Why? Because Miami has already CRUSHED getting draft picks. They won't be as greedy as Atlanta. Trade down again, what you need are offensive linemen. Denver comes up and gets Zach Wilson, who is closer to Denver in Utah, it's neighboring states. You're not going to play initially like with the Jets. He doesn't have to go to New York City and play, he can sit behind Drew Lock. My guess is that is Vic Fangio doesn't win -- and won't -- he'll have a new coach the following year, they'll hire an offensive coach, it's much more comforting for Zach Wilson and he stays closer to home."

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