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NFL Insider: 'All Signs Point to 49ers Drafting Mac Jones With Third Pick'

Colin Cowherd: “Mac Jones and the Niners reminds me of the Bears and Mitch Trubisky. We thought Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy were geniuses, and a couple years later after Trubisky fails both are in trouble. Trubisky split the entire drafting and scouting community – half-hated him, half-liked him, and it’s very similar with Mac Jones… Is it done, is it Mac Jones to the Niners and nobody else??”

Daniel Jeremiah: “I don’t think it’s finished, and I don’t have direct information from the 49ers to say otherwise, just everybody you talk to around the league and those that are dialed in with Kyle, say all signs point towards Mac Jones being the pick. That’s where things stand right now, and that’s why I have him going three.” (Full Video Segment Above)

NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah joined The Herd w/ Colin Cowherd on Monday saying that ‘all signs’ pointed to the San Francisco 49ers drafting Alabama quarterback Mac Jones with the no. 3 overall pick, as the coveted slot might turn into the 2021 NFL Draft’s most compelling storyline.

Just last week Cowherd said he wouldn’t even select Jones in the first round, and compared the scenario of the 49ers drafting Jones three ahead of Justin Fields and Trey Lance to the Bears infamously drafting Mitch Trubisky second overall ahead of Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson.

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