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Mets Marcus Stroman Defends Luis Rojas After Criticism From Jason Smith

Resident New York Mets fan Jason Smith took to Twitter to question what he felt was a "ridiculous decision" by Mets manager Luis Rojas during their game against the Philadelphia Phillies. Rojas had Pitcher Marcus Stroman bat in the 6th inning only to take him out at the top of the 7th. Smith then proceeded to call Rojas the 'Lamar Odom of Managers' for that decision meaning he was 'good for one ridiculous decision every other game.'

This sparked a response on Twitter from Mets pitcher Marcus Stroman, who supported his manager's decision and explained why Luis Rojas did what he did. Stroman then proceeded to call Jason Smith's tweet a "poo-poo take.'

Jason Smith doesn't entirely back down from his 'poo-poo' tweet responding to Marcus Stroman with a little humor.

Jason Smith: "Marcus Stroman is pitching a gem for the Mets, and they get into the bottom of the 6th inning in game 2 of the doubleheader, and Stroman is allowed to bat. So you're thinking he's going to go out there in the top of the 7th and pitch the 7th inning. Stroman bats, he walks, he runs the bases, and when the 7th inning comes, Jeurys Familia takes over...Wait, WHAT? Why is that happening? Why would you let him bat only to take him out? If you were that close to taking him out, why would you let him bat? Why wouldn't you put somebody up there that could get a hit? It doesn't make sense."

Jason Smith & Mike Harmon further react to Marcus Stroman's response in the audio below:

Marcus Stroman responds to Jason Smith