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Chris Broussard: I Can See a Path For Steph Curry to Leave Golden State

Chris Broussard: “As time goes on, the thought of Steph leaving Golden State becomes less and less egregious. I’m starting to think that it might not be a bad move for him… If I’m Steph, I would think about not signing an extension this summer… He doesn’t HAVE to go get rings but I wouldn’t fault him if he says ‘ the last five years of my career I want to compete for championships.’” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Chris Broussard discuss the imposing juxtaposition that 33-year-old Steph Curry currently finds himself in at the moment, as one of the game’s best players appears to be tethered down to a sinking ship in Golden State.

Curry is having one of the best statistical seasons of his career, averaging a career-high 30.7 points per game, but his Warriors are a game under-.500 through 45 contests, and are less than two weeks removed from a 53-point loss to the Raptors.

Curry will become an unrestricted free agent in the summer of 2022.

Check out the segment above as Broussard details why he wouldn’t fault Steph for bolting the Warriors and going elsewhere to chase rings during the final prime years of his career.

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