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Clay Travis: Deshaun Watson's Legal Team is Making Him Look More Guilty

Clay Travis: “The odds are rapidly increasing that there will be criminal charges filed against Deshaun Watson alleging that he committed sexual assault. This has spiraled out of Deshaun Watson’s control, and it is an unmitigated disaster however you would assess it for Deshaun Watson. This is me telling YOU what I would be telling Deshaun Watson if I were his attorney advising him right now, and that is you’ve GOT to settle this case. You’ve got to settle all these cases even if it costs you tens of millions of dollars. You can come out with a statement and say you don’t believe you committed any crimes but you understand that you made these women uncomfortable. It wasn’t your intent, you apologize for all of your behavior in this entire case for calling any of these women’s motivation into question. Acknowledge that you have behaved in an inappropriate manner, but you don’t believe you have behaved in a criminal manner, and that it was inappropriate that you believed everything was consensual, but now having heard their stories you understand that many of these women did not consent to your behavior, and you are promising that you will become a better human being going forward. In the meantime, you are settling these cases and accepting this punishment from the NFL. If you do that, you have to desperately hope that criminal charges will not be pursued aggressively… This is becoming a major and significant threat to Deshaun Watson not just playing football ever again, but to Deshaun Watson facing serious time in criminal court and potentially jail as well. It’s possible Deshaun Watson is the Jeffrey Epstein or Bill Cosby of the NFL, and that he is going to go to jail for years. He might never play in the NFL ever again, that’s how serious this legal jeopardy is that he is under right now is. If they file criminal charges against him, this is not something that is going to get resolved at all in 2021. This is something that could very easily extend all the way into 2022, and if it’s something where he went to trial, Deshaun Watson may never be able to play in the NFL ever again… His legal team in my mind has not done a very good job so far of defending him. In my mind, they have actually made him look more guilty so far. He keeps getting pushed further and further into a corner, that at this point, I really do believe that criminal charges are going to get filed against him on top of all the civil lawsuits, and this thing is trending in a really bad way for Deshaun Watson.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Clay Travis explain why he thinks Deshaun Watson’s legal team has backed their client into a corner up to this point into his unprecedented alleged sexual assault saga, as Clay believes Watson’s side should have settled with the first accuser, and never issued that first statement on social media – still unbeknownst to there being 22 other accusers about to reveal themselves – saying the first accuser was simply looking for money, and he had ‘never treated any woman with anything other than the utmost respect.'

Check out the segment above as Clay, a licensed lawyer in his home state of Tennessee, detail what he would be advising Watson to do right now if he was acting as his attorney.

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