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Clay Travis: Is Kyle Shanahan Now Doubting Himself With the 3rd Pick?

Clay Travis: Is Kyle Shanahan Now Doubting Himself With the 3rd Pick?

It is now the week before the NFL Draft begins, 10 days to be exact, and still the biggest storyline of the entire draft continues to be the 49ers and their 3rd overall pick. Will it be Mac Jones out of Alabama, or will it be Justin Fields out of Ohio State?

The gambling market has flip flopped over these two quarterbacks over the past week. Mac Jones at one point was a heavy favorite, but now the odds have flipped, and Jones and Fields are weighted about the same.

Clay Travis believes that there's a chance that head coach Kyle Shanahan does not know who he will take. Clay argues that when he made the trade to move up to 3, he had a great idea of who he wanted, but as the time passes, and he watches more and more of his options, it makes the decision that much more difficult.

Another aspect of this decision that could make it more challenging is the systems that these 2 quarterbacks are coming from. At Alabama, prior to Mac Jones, Tua set the college football landscape on fire, but he hasn't impressed all that much in the NFL. The wide receiver talent that both quarterbacks got to throw to at Alabama were maybe the best in the history of college football. At Ohio State, Ryan Day's offense is always explosive, and prior to Justin Fields, Dwayne Haskins had very similar success, and we all know how his time in Washington ended so abruptly.

What will Shanahan decide?

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