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Clay Travis: Deshaun Watson and His Lawyers Continue to Make Bad Decisions

Clay Travis: “Deshaun Watson has now said publicly through Rusty Hardin his attorney that all 22 of these women are ‘liars.’ I don’t understand that legal perspective at all. That is a tough putt to sink if you are the lawyer here. It also makes it more difficult to settle this case because as soon as you call all 22 of these women ‘liars’, and you are effectively saying that all of these women have made it up and that anything that went on between the two of was consensual and that nothing that you did was even inappropriate at all, it makes it hard to settle the case. I’m not saying it’s ‘impossible’ to settle these cases, I’m just saying when you accuse someone of lying there are probably some of these women, and some of these women’s family members that are going to say ‘wait a minute, he has called YOU out as a liar and then you’re going to allow him to settle this case with you??’ There is not a good resolution to this situation now. If Watson ends up settling all these cases, then everyone is gonna say ‘you said these women were lying, why would you give them any money at all??’… I find this to be a really difficult situation for Deshaun Watson because I don’t see how it gets resolved quickly now… He doesn’t gain anything by this process taking a long time. I don’t understand his legal defense at this time. If I were advising Deshaun Watson, and this is me putting on my lawyer hat, I would tell him SETTLE, SETTLE, SETTLE. You could have settled this for $100,000 when the first woman came to you. You would have never seen this story go public… I understand that if you feel like you’ve done nothing wrong why you wouldn’t want to just give someone $100,000, but the negative publicity attendant with this first woman going public and saying you sexually assaulted her cost you more than $100,000 in the court of public opinion… If this woman didn’t go public, then a lot of these other women probably wouldn’t go public either… If I was Deshaun Watson’s lawyer, I would say ‘this is an awful road that you are going down. You are putting yourself in a position where you’re painting yourself into a corner. You’re calling all 22 of these women liars??' I gotta be honest, I’ve never been in a case where 22 women all told the same lie. Maybe they are, and maybe Deshaun Watson is the victim here and he’s done absolutely nothing inappropriate, but calling 22 women liars is the exact opposite of what you need to be doing. You need to settle this case so you can get back to playing football. Calling them ‘liars’ is going to prolong this. You are creating an abundant amount of antagonism. When two sides really don’t like each other in an adversarial process sometimes people stop making the smartest decision and start making the one that is going to make the other side the angriest… I think this is going in a really awful direction for Deshaun Watson, and I don’t understand his legal strategy. He has painted himself into an indefensible corner.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Clay Travis, a licensed lawyer in the state of Tennessee, break down the most recent developments in the Deshaun Watson alleged sexual assault saga, as Clay believes Watson’s defense has once again committed another blunder, this time by calling all 22 of his accusers ‘liars.’

Check out the segment above as Clay details what he would be advising Watson right now if he were his lawyer.

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