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Colin Cowherd Ranks His Top 5 NBA MVP Candidates

Watch Colin Cowherd count down his rankings of the top 5 NBA MVP candidates.

5. LeBron James

“Hold on, you’re going to freak out. LeBron played 41 games and he’s going to come back and play the final 11 or 12, and that will give him 53 of 72 games. That is 3/4 of a season, do the math, that’s almost 75% of games. The Lakers have not beaten an over-.500 team who is fully stocked since he left. They beat the Nets without James Harden and the Jazz without Gobert or Donovan Mitchell. They plummeted defensively and they have plummeted offensively. They’re the 27th best offense in the league without LeBron James. They won the title last year! I don’t care that he took 25% of the games off. Not playing, they have plummeted as a franchise and they are a .500 team who can’t beat good teams, but in the NBA there are so many bad teams that they can stay .500.”

4. Steph Curry

“He is going to have better numbers than when he won MVP but here is the key; it’s a bad basketball team that is 1-7 when he doesn’t play. When he does play they have a winning record and will make it to the playoffs. This is not a good team. Klay Thompson is out, Wiseman is now hurt, Kelly Oubre is talented, but Draymond is past his prime. It’s not a very good team until Steph plays.”

Check out the FULL segment above for candidates no. 3 through no. 1.

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