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Colin Cowherd: Chris Paul is the NBA's Most 'Valuable' Player

Colin Cowherd: “Do you understand he has 11 straight winning seasons? That wouldn’t be impressive if you played for a well-coached team, but no, that’s with the Hornets, Suns, tanking-Thunder, Clippers, and Rockets. The Suns have the second-best record in the NBA. For 11 years, in a sport where almost everyone makes the playoffs, Phoenix was a tire fire. They were miles out of the playoffs. Last year Oklahoma City wanted to tank and Chris Paul got them a four or five seed in the West. He leaves and now they’re on an 11-game losing streak. Next to LeBron James, nobody in the NBA has the ability to change your basketball team’s win/loss standings except Chris Paul. He doesn’t dunk, he’s not flashy, he doesn’t shoot threes, so nobody loves Chris Paul… It’s really not even just Phoenix. Look at Oklahoma City without him. They’re arguably the worst NBA team. Last year they were a TOUGH out with Chris Paul in the playoffs.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he has Chris Paul ranked no. 1 in his top five NBA MVP candidates list, as Colin has CP3 ranked about LeBron James at five, Steph Curry at four, Jimmy Butler at three, and Nikola Jokic at two.

Check out the full segment above as Colin details why no player has been more ‘valuable’ to their team in 2021 than Chris Paul.

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