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Colin Cowherd Drops His Latest First Round NFL Mock Draft

Colin Cowherd: “Based on The Athletic article, which does make it sound like Shanahan is taking Mac Jones because he can help him NOW, here is my mock draft TODAY with one major trade.”

Colin Cowherd drops his newest 2021 NFL Mock Draft (Wednesday, April 21) for picks 1-10, with the Draft just eight days away.

1. Jaguars – Trevor Lawrence

“According to Pro Football Focus, he's the only college quarterback they have ever rated who was graded over 90 in their freshman, sophomore, and junior years. Let's not argue about it and waste any time, Trevor Lawrence - JAGS, he's already giving to charities in Jacksonville. It's over, he's number one."

2. Jets – Zach Wilson

“This has been set in stone. He sounds a lot like Darnold but not as big. He's a big risk-taker and I think he has big bust potential, but they like him, they need a new quarterback, and they made a decision that they're moving off Darnold and don't have to pay their quarterback for four years -- I get it. That's a huge advantave for front offices when you don't pay a quarterback anything and it was about time to pay Darnold."

3. 49ers – Mac Jones

“I'm predicting what I think will happen, I'm not saying I would do all of this. This is not ME, this is what I BELIEVE is going to happen. Why? He can win NOW, he's ready to win NOW, he's got a lower ceiling, I see a lot of red flags, but Kyle Shanahan has been in this league for four years and has had one winning season, and he's saying 'I've beaten Sean McVay with backups!' The only time he's had a healthy quarterback he's gotten to the Super Bowl, just give me a guy who can stand up. Also, they have a Jimmy Garoppolo issue. If Mac Jones can play now, which is what scouts say, you can move off Garoppolo. You can't if you draft Trey Lance or Justin Fields. I think they can move off Garoppolo at the Trade Deadline in October."

For picks 4-10, check out the FULL video above.

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