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Clay Travis: LeBron James Has Made a Career Peddling Racial Division

Clay Travis: LeBron James Should Be Ashamed For Peddling Racial Division
Clay Travis: “This was one of the dumbest tweets ever sent out by an athlete in the Twitter medium. LeBron James, in a pressure-packed, boiler room feel where there’s so much tension and everyone is looking for an opportunity to be angry, went on Twitter and sent out a tweet that is so utterly indefensible that you’re probably not going to hear any other sports media member mention it, which shows you how indefensible it was… LeBron James has since deleted that tweet, but not before many people, thankfully, who still have functioning brains in this society, decided to hold him accountable. Not surprisingly, none of those people holding him accountable are actually in the sports media because most people in sports media exist to coddle privileged and powerful athletes, as opposed to speaking truth to their power. LeBron should be ashamed of himself. He is peddling racial division in a time we need racial congruity. When people, White, Black, Asian, and Hispanic need to come together, LeBron is peddling division. Identity politics is LeBron James’ brand, and he has peddled identity politics to such an extent that he has destroyed much of the goodwill that used to exist for the NBA, because many NBA players, like lemmings, have followed LeBron James right off the cliff into the identity politics disaster. It’s because of behavior like this that many sports fans who had been lifelong NBA fans have turned away from the league, and it’s why the league keeps setting new lows, because players like LeBron James keep going lower, and they keep sending more incendiary, more unintelligent, and more divisive tweets like the one he sent yesterday.”

Listen to Clay Travis rip LeBron James for a now-deleted tweet LeBron James made referencing the recent police shooting of a teenage girl in Columbus, Ohio, as LeBron tweeted a picture of the alleged police officer with an ominous caption of ‘YOU’RE NEXT’ before bodycam footage was released that may have painted the event in a different light.

Check out the segment above as Clay says he’s not surprised by this move from LeBron, saying that LeBron’s brand is all about sending ‘incendiary, unintelligent, and divisive' tweets, and peddling racial division.

Clay Travis: ‘LeBron Set a Record For Dumbest Tweet Ever By an Athlete'

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