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Colin Cowherd Has Patriots Trading Up For Trey Lance in Latest Mock Draft

Colin Cowherd on Carolina’s pick at #8: “Now I think there’s a trade. Denver doesn’t have to move up because Denver likes both the quarterbacks and is not going to ask either one of them to play, at least for the first couple months of this year; Drew Lock will. New England now has their eye on ONE of these two. I believe New England wanted Mac Jones, can’t get him for what their system is, and they’re going to go Trey Lance. PERFECT because Cam is going to start this year and they do not need to start a quarterback. All you’re hearing about him is ‘MATURITY’, ‘HUGE IQ’, ‘TOTAL SELFLESS GUY’, it’s all the stuff Belichick loves. Everyone says the same thing, he is SO New England. Mac Jones and Trey Lance FEEL like New England, and New England now, unlike Denver, I believe has two quarterbacks that they like – one, Mac who is off the board. They move up with Carolina. Now why would Carolina move down? Because Carolina needs a corner and you can move down to #15 and get a great corner, it’s a great corner draft, and they need a left tackle, there’s about six in this draft. Carolina's like ‘the guys we like, Slater and Penei Sewell are gone so why not move down?’ If both those tackles are gone and I’m Carolina, I’m going to move down to 15 and trade with New England and they take Trey Lance.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd release his latest NFL Mock Draft with the 2021 Draft just a week away.

Check out the segment above as Colin believes the Patriots will trade up from 15 all the way to 8 with Carolina to draft North Dakota State quarterback Trey Lance.

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