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Clay Travis Predicts How the First 10 Picks of the NFL Draft Will Play Out

Listen to Clay Travis reveal what he thinks is going to happen at this Thursday’s 2021 NFL Draft, as the first ten picks could be a complete free-for-all after Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson go to the Jaguars and Jets.

After the top two quarterbacks fly off the board, Mac Jones, Justin Fields, and Trey Lance will be locked in a battle of who the no. 3 quarterback will be, as the 49ers sit at number three leaving zero doubt that they want a quarterback to eventually supplant the embattled Jimmy Garoppolo.

Not only does San Francisco need quarterback, but potentially the Falcons at four, the Broncos at nine, and even perhaps the Patriots at 15, as many draft insiders have speculated that New England could make a trade up to grab Fields or Lance to be stopgap Cam Newton's successor.

Perhaps the Draft’s biggest enigma is Florida tight end, Kyle Pitts, who many have lauded as the best tight end prospect in league history, and a guy who would literally make a huge splash anywhere he goes.

Check out the segment above as Clay breaks down what he thinks is going to happen.

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