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Colin Cowherd Makes Hollywood Movie Posters for 2021 NFL Draft QB Prospects

Watch Colin Cowherd find the ideal Hollywood movie poster for each of the top quarterback prospects of the 2021 NFL Draft.

Trevor Lawrence: ‘THE NATURAL’

“This was a pretty easy one for us and the first one that we came up with. How about ‘The Natural?’ The arm, the size, the personality, the demeanor, the hair…like he LOOKS like a star quarterback. The maturity, he just got married, he’s been in the spotlight for years…never a problem. Trevor Lawrence is ‘The Natural.’

Zach Wilson: ‘TITANIC'

“The Jets have been an iceberg for a lot of people. There is a ‘WOW’ factor that everyone is talking about, and a revolutionary arm, but they have drafted five first-round quarterbacks, and of the last four NONE have worked. ONE has worked ever, Joe Namath. There is talent, there is a ‘WOW’ factor, and buzz, but it worries me.”

Check out the FULL segment above as Colin names the Hollywood movie poster for Mac Jones, Justin Fields, and Trey Lance.

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