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Doug Gottlieb: NBA Needs to Punish LeBron James For His Reckless Tweets

Doug Gottlieb on LeBron’s tweet: “It's embarrassing. And his apology...What are you talking about?? It is a wildly, crazily, embarrassingly, and overzealous attempt at vigilantism... Just say you got it wrong and that you’re sorry, and that you overreacted. You want accountability? Where is YOUR accountability?? I have no hate towards LeBron James but what a joke. You have 49.6 million followers, and you had a photo of this cop and say ‘accountability.’ That’s vigilante justice when you don’t have any of the facts. You weren’t there and had it 100% WRONG… All you had to say was ‘hey, I was wrong, and I apologize.' God, what a bad look. Now everything that you post is tinted with that. You’re a human being, you’re allowed to make mistakes, and that was a BIG mistake that you made. You were overzealous and it was embarrassing… And Adam Silver not doing anything is MORE embarrassing. What are you doing, dude?? You’re not going to do anything for what LeBron James did? When he’s got 49.6 million followers?... Not only did you get it wrong and put someone’s life in danger, and cast police in a negative light, but even now what you won’t come down off of it… How does the NBA not doing anything?? ZERO. NOTHING. CRICKETS.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he thinks LeBron James should face some sort of punishment from the NBA for making an ominous tweet on Wednesday that denounced a cop in a recent police shooting in Columbus, Ohio, despite there being bodycam footage that appeared to show the officer stopping another woman from being murdered.

Check out the segment above as Gottlieb called the now-deleted tweet a ‘wildly, crazily, embarrassingly and overzealous attempt at vigilantism.’

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