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Colin Cowherd and Peter Schrager Present Their First Round NFL Mock Draft

Watch Colin Cowherd and Peter Schrager present the first half of the 2021 NFL Mock Draft, as both Colin and Peter alternate picks for the first 16 selections.

1. Jacksonville Jaguars: TREVOR LAWRENCE, QB, Clemson

Schrager :“The pick has been in since the Jets beat the Rams back in December. Urban Meyer would still be hanging out at the FS1 studios if it wasn't for this one. It's Trevor Lawrence, number one overall out of Clemson. He's the perfect prospect, no doubt about it."

2. New York Jets: ZACH WILSON, QB, BYU

Cowherd: “Not what I would do, I think his size worries me. He's a little bit of an ad-libber, he hasn't played great competition, the Jets don't have a great O-line, but this card has been in for awhile the last two months. Very good arm, very good athlete, but I still think he looks small, I worry about the Jets' offensive line, they havent' been very productive at tight end, and the receiving corps is better but they don't have backs. It's going to become a very Zach Wilson-reliant offense, good luck with that."

3. San Francisco 49ers: MAC JONES QB, Alabama

Schrager: Niners fans, buckle up. Trey Lance worked out for them on Monday and it blew them away. They loved him and everything you're hearing is accurate, they're very interested... But the third pick will be MAC JONES, Niners fans don't come at me. I swear faithful, it's not the popular pick and I know a lot of people are cringing at this one, but a lot of GMs, not just the ones I speak to in the top 10, say this guy is a 'no-brainer' for San Francisco. He's the pick at number three."

For picks 4-16, check out the FULL video above.

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