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Ex-NFL Doctor Breaks Down the Doubts Surrounding Justin Fields' Epilepsy

Dr. David Chao: “There has been a lot of question marks about Justin Fields’ health and medical condition, from the rib to the hip-pointer injuries, to now the discovery of epilepsy. In reality, there is very little real concern… The epilepsy or seizure disorder really isn’t a big concern. It’s a childhood seizure disorder, he’s on medication, he’s well-controlled, he had no episodes in college, and usually you grow out of it. During my time as a head physician in the NFL we dealt with several players with seizure disorders. They did fine, and we didn’t even downgrade them in terms of the Draft when they were well-controlled like this. I don’t think Justin Fields will fall in the Draft on Thursday due to his medical conditions. I think he will be fine even though there has been lots of discussion about his health.” (Full Segment Above)

Former NFL team physician Dr. David. Chao, who worked with the San Diego Chargers for 17 years, discussed the recent news of Justin Fields' epilepsy diagnosis going public just days before the 2021 NFL Draft.

Check out the segment above as Chao breaks down why he believes teams thinking about drafting Fields in the first round should have ‘very little concern’ regarding his epilepsy, and how he won’t be the first NFL player who has suffered from this condition to go on and have a great career.

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