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On NFL Draft Eve, Clay Travis Drops His Mock Top 10

On NFL Draft Eve, Clay Travis Drops His Mock Top 10

It's like Christmas Eve for football fans! All the excitement and all our questions will be answered tomorrow night as Roger Goodell reads the selections from each team live from Cleveland.

Clay Travis loves the NFL Draft, and it's been the main talking point for weeks on the show. Clay has been giving you his mock Top 10 picks all week and amending the selections each day as Odds markets fluctuate. The first 2 picks have seemingly been set in stone for months now, with Trevor Lawrence going 1st to the Jaguars, and Zach Wilson going 2nd to the Jets.

Clay believes that it will ultimately be Mac Jones who goes 3rd to the 49ers, and it is the Falcons and the 4th pick where Clay sees the streak of quarterbacks coming to an end. Clay has tight end Kyle Pitts heading to Atlanta.

Where do the Bengals turn, and what team does Clay have trading up to draft their quarterback of the future? (Hint: we used a picture from when they drafted Bradley Chubb.)

Click the play-button to hear all 10 picks!