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Doug Gottlieb Rips Max Kellerman For Hinting 'Racism' Towards Justin Fields

Max Kellerman: “I think what rubs people the wrong way is that sometimes quarterbacks rise and sometimes they fall, but what I’ve noticed in recent years after decades of artificial barriers being put in place for Black quarterbacks, that vis-à-vis White quarterbacks, Black quarterbacks in the Draft tend to fall pre-Draft with their evaluations. Sometimes it’s right – like Daniel Jones looks like he’s going to be better than Dwyane Haskins, and sometimes it’s wrong – like Mitch Trubisky is not as good as Deshaun Watson, or certainly not Patrick Mahomes. But the point is the correlation that can be made is that your status falls vis-à-vis White quarterbacks. That’s why my antennae are up when I notice one, two, and three this year are White guy, White guy, White guy. But that may be correct. We need to see in the end how these guys turn out as pros.”

Doug Gottlieb: “You’re able to make what could be insinuated as a blatantly racist comment about White players in the defense of Black players and why they would fall in the Draft. And by the way, he offered up no true actual proof in it. Black quarterbacks are not ‘judged more harshly.’ Jameis Winston had all sorts of off-the-field controversies when he was at Florida State. He was still the number one overall pick. All of that background data and telling us about his immaturity was really kind of what brought him down in the NFL, whether it was his decision-making on the field or his decision-making off the field… Kyler Murray went number one overall despite him being a diminutive quarterback. I can tell that you that lots of things are in the psyche of general managers and scouts in terms of who they’re drafting, but do you think for one second they’re not going to draft a quarterback because of the color of his skin? They’re trying to win football games, dude. This is a very simple concept. If you’re drafting and your team wins fewer games, you’re going to have to move your family and potentially change your profession. If you're drafting and your team wins more football games then you could potentially change locations, increase your job, increase your salary, or just plant roots and stay there for a long period of time. Which do you think is more optimal for a grown-up?? Do you really believe that an NFL GM or an NFL owner is going to make a decision based upon race in 2021 when the league has been dominated over the last 3 or 4 years by Black quarterbacks? That doesn’t make any sense… That’s the problem with race whistle, Max Kellerman, like what are we doing, dude? Legit, no one in the NFL cares about the race of the quarterback.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb call out ESPN’s Max Kellerman for comments Kellerman recently made that suggested that Justin Fields’ Draft stock may be dropping simply because of the color of his skin.

Check out the segment above as Gottlieb details why Kellerman’s baseless claims only diminish and dilute REAL instances of racism, adding that NFL GMs and owners in 2021 wouldn’t purposely be avoiding players simply because of their race, and potentially jeopardizing millions and BILLIONS of dollars just to be 'racist.'

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