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Trey Lance: I Wish I knew Where I Was Going

Trey Lance: I Wish I knew Where I Was Going

On NFL Draft Day, former North Dakota State QB and draft prospect, Trey Lance joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show. Trey talks about his communications with NFL teams during the draft, specifically the San Francisco 49ers, and says he wishes he knew where he would be selected. They discuss his connection to the NFL, favorite players, favorite teams, and the things that have gotten him to this point. And he shares his plans for the draft tonight, what he might wear, and whether he has a specific celebration already in mind.

Dan Patrick:“You don’t have to tell me where you’re going, but do you know where you’re going?” 

Trey Lance:“I honestly do not. And I wish I did. I wish I could be like, ‘I know but I’m not going to tell you!’ I wish I could tell you that right now.” 

Dan:“OK. Because we keep hearing the Niners aren’t sure about Mac Jones and you. What have the Niners told you?” 

Trey:“Just about the same thing as everyone else, honestly, not a whole lot. Just have gotten to know me at Zooms and obviously gotten to know football, but that’s about it.” 

Dan:“If you could ask the Niners a question, what would you ask?” 

Trey:“I would ask them if they’re going to draft me…”