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Colin Cowherd: Clippers Need to Purge Their Entire Roster and Front Office

Colin Cowherd: “The Lakers have a history and they know what wins titles – when the greatest player is a LEADER. The Clippers just had two guys who fell in love with them. Nobody ever falls in love with them so they just said ‘COME ONBOARD!’ and didn’t really consider the leadership component. You saw Rondo last night who won titles with the Lakers and Boston; you see him barking at Ty Lue? You see him barking at players? Because he can see the truth. This team doesn’t have a leader. They’re rudderless, but they’re talented. I think Rondo is looking around and seeing what you and I are seeing. And what does Steve Ballmer think of this? He owns the team and bought it for twice the value reportedly. The Clippers spent $64 million on Luke Kennard, he was a ‘DNP’ last night, and Marcus Morris they spent $64 million on too and he’s ineffective. Steve Ballmer is thinking ‘man, I wrote A LOT of checks.’ One of the guys isn’t playing, one of the guys isn’t effective, the two guys I thought are great aren’t leaders, and Ty Lue can’t solve what Doc Rivers couldn’t solve. I think there’s tension and anxiety around the Clippers this morning and it is not okay. If I was a Clipper executive this morning I would update my LinkedIn, and I would polish off my resume.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks it’s time that Steve Ballmer unleash a wrecking ball on this underachieving Clippers bunch, as Colin details why he thinks this so-called ‘Dream Team’ from two summers ago has been an absolute failure.

Check out the video above as Colin explains why the Clippers and Lakers both went in opposite directions after the 2019 offseason.

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