Colin Cowherd Predicts How the Rest of the NBA Postseason Plays Out

Watch Colin Cowherd predict how the rest of the NBA postseason plays out in a game of ‘Buy, Sell, or Hold?’

LeBron Will Lose in the First Round for the First Time in His Career: HOLD

“LeBron has never lost in the first round of the playoffs, he’s 14-0, but with the Suns it comes down to health. They’re 2-0 when Chris Paul plays 30+ minutes, and they are 0-2 when he plays less than 30 minutes. It’s a HOLD, let’s just see Chris Paul’s health, THAT will determine the series.”

The Mavericks Will Not Win Another Game in Their Series: SELL

“The Mavericks have hit more three-pointers and more free throws than the Clippers in this series. They are also the best three-point shooting team in the playoffs. In this last game, they scored a season-low, 81. This is a SELL. As Luka’s health gets better, Dallas makes a real run back at the Clippers.”

Bucks Will Beat the Nets in the Second Round: BUY

“Giannis averaged 40 and 11 against the Nets. He’s the best interior player in the NBA playoffs, and the Nets have no physical presence down low for Giannis. The Nets also have a bench that scores fewer than 20 points a game. I do think the Bucks beat a more offensively gifted Brooklyn team.”

Check out the FULL video above for headlines the likes of ‘The Heat Will Acquire a Star this Offseason’, ‘The Hawks Will Beat the Knicks in Game 5 to End the Series’, ‘The 76ers Will Make the NBA Finals for the First Time Since 2001’, and ‘The Clippers Will Make the Western Conference Finals for the First Time in Franchise History.’

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