Naomi Osaka is More 'Spoiled Brat' than Hero

Ben Maller: “If you can’t meet the job requirements then you shouldn’t do the job, it’s that simple. She couldn’t meet the job requirement and now she’s quit, which is good… Naomi is not some sort of ‘hero’ in this story. There’s been a lot of people rallying around her saying it’s ‘terrible’ what the French Open did. I roll my eyes at that line of thinking. She shouldn’t have shown up at the French Open in the first place if she could not follow what you have to do as a tennis player and talk to the media. By arriving at Roland Garros and then putting on this show by dodging the media, Osaka made a bad and uncomfortable situation worse. She’s more of a villain in this story. She’s being made out as some in the media as this ‘hero’, but the fact that she knew she had to talk to the media, she knew she couldn’t get around talking to the media, she still decided that she wasn’t going to talk to the media, and then she ended up taking a spot from some up-and-coming tennis player that could have made their mark at Roland Garros and was not allowed to participate… That makes this a selfish act by Naomi Osaka, and making it all about herself… The media is so politically correct that they have circled the wagon to defend her. If you show up somewhere knowing you have to do something and then choose not to do it, and then say you should change whatever you don’t want to do, those are the actions of a spoiled brat. Any person who has ever held a job has had to do something that they don’t like… You should not be put on a pedestal when other players abide by the rules. I’m sure they don’t want to talk to the media either – it’s a pain in the ass… This does not fall into the ‘hardship’ category, it’s part of lilfe… She’s more of a ‘villain’ than anything, and certainly not a ‘victim’… Tennis players are figuratively and literally contractually bound to speak publicly so the idea that they’re not is just wrong.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Ben Maller explain why the media shouldn’t label the world’s number one women's tennis player Naomi Osaka a ‘hero’ for her decision to quit the French Open this week because of ‘mental health’ reasons surrounding her recent refusal of media appearances.

Osaka had made it clear coming into the tournament that she was not making herself available to the media during her time in Roland Gorras to the extreme ire of tour organizers who contractually expect a certain level of media presence from their participants.

Check out the video above as Maller details why Osaka should have never shown up in the first place if she knew this was ultimately going to be the route she was taking.

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