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Lakers' 2020 Championship in 'Bubble' Was Most Fraudulent in NBA History

Ben Maller: “There are plenty of people in the media who will slobber all over LeBron for whatever he does, but the legend has lost his luster. His tenure with the Lakers, if you’re objective here, is shaky at best. Nobody takes the bubble run seriously, especially after what happened this year. What a fraudulent championship, the most fraudulent championship in NBA history. Both the Heat and Lakers were bounced out of the first round, are you kidding me?? Will Adam Silver grow a spine and put an asterisk next to that championship?? LeBron has tarnished his legacy playing for the Lakers. His first year LeBron suffered a major injury and the Lakers couldn’t even make the playoffs. The second year you throw out because it’s a Mickey Mouse ring, and judging by this year, it verified our suspicions that it was bogus. They had 100 days off before the playoffs began in a bull crap situation. The third year LeBron suffers another major injury and the Lakers are bounced in the first round. How embarrassing, just GUTLESS basketball.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Ben Maller explain why he thinks LeBron James has ‘tarnished’ his legacy in Los Angeles, as Maller says the early exits by last year’s NBA Finals participants, the Lakers and Heat, have exposed last year’s Lakers title run as entirely illegitimate.

Check out the video above as Maller details why Los Angeles’ 2020 NBA championship is the ‘most fraudulent championship in history.’

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