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LeBron's Ring-Chasing Became More Important than Anthony Davis' Wellbeing

Rob Parker: “What they did last night was WRONG to Anthony Davis. It was unethical and it was cruel… I talked to former players, they said a groin injury was a MINIMUM of two weeks, and they got this guy suited up in uniform two or three days after a strained groin. He has a knee injury and he had a calf and an Achilles earlier that cost him 30 games, so it ain’t just about a rush job on a groin. They put him in harm’s way because they were selfish. This is the problem with whenever you have LeBron James on your team. Everything is about LEBRON and HIS time frame and the clock is ticking. EVERYBODY feels pressure. The organization, the doctors, the players, they ALL know what this is about. That’s what bothered me, if Anthony Davis is your boy, LeBron, you could have said ‘Hey, AD, you can’t come out here, dude. I want you, but you’re hurt and I can’t have you getting hurt long-term.' We saw this happen in 2019 when the Warriors put Kevin Durant in harm’s way and he ruptured his Achilles. I think the Lakers did Anthony Davis a huge disservice.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Rob Parker blast the Lakers for allowing a hobbled Anthony Davis to take the floor Thursday night in Game 6 vs. the Phoenix Suns, calling the decision to test his visibly ailing groin ‘cruel’ and ‘unethical.’

Check out the video above as Parker details why he thinks LeBron James should face some of the blame as well, saying LeBron's ring-chasing ultimately trumped AD’s wellbeing and long-term health.

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