Colin Cowherd Compares Brooklyn Nets to Elon Musk and Tesla

Colin Cowherd: “Generally, to win an NBA championship you gotta have good chemistry, it helps if your coach has coached in the playoffs before, health is key, and you gotta be a top 15 team defensively… Oh, wait, Brooklyn has NONE of them. Kyrie, Harden, and KD played eight games total, Harden is already hurt, Steve Nash has no coaching experience in high school, college, or the pros, and their defense is 23rd, yet they are so gifted and so skilled that they beat a Milwaukee team that has all four of those… Brooklyn is the Tesla of the NBA. Tesla does everything wrong. Elon Musk, the CEO, is crazy. Now he’s doing cryptocurrency and is smoking pot on podcasts. JD Power Associates says you’ll have more problems as a Tesla owner in the first three months of owning it than all other 31 automakers in America. It took him SEVENTEEN years to make a profit. Yet every time you look at Tesla’s stock you’re like ‘yeah, it’s great, it’s been on fire for four years!’ They do everything wrong but they have a brilliant guy, crazy town, but a BRILLIANT guy running the company, and that is Brooklyn. They don’t play really good defense, they don’t have their health, they don’t have their chemistry, their coach doesn’t have experience – Milwaukee has all of that – and they fly through them… Everything that matters doesn’t matter when you have that much talent. It’s Tesla. They do everything wrong and the stock is still going through the roof.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the Brooklyn Nets are the Elon Musk and Tesla of the NBA, as Colin says both entities experience exorbitant success despite having some flamboyant abnormalities that go against the grain of most successful enterprises.

Check out the full video above.

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