Colin Cowherd: Julio Jones Trade Doesn't Make the Titans Much Better

Colin Cowherd: “We fall for this every time. OBJ goes to Cleveland and it’s like ‘OMG, THIS IS GOING TO CHANGE THE WORLD!’ and actually him and Baker work worse together than any other wide receiver-quarterback combo. You said it was going to change the world and it didn’t change anything, not even in the huddle. Julio Jones is really expensive, still really good, but out of his prime, goes to Tennessee and the interweb implodes!… The Titans were 30th in the NFL in pass attempts, it’s a run culture. Derrick Henry IS the team. Julio Jones is great but Julio Jones to the Titans is like having the best pool in Seattle. It sounds really cool and a handful of days it’s amazing in August, but it doesn’t really change your life. It’s just not really that available… Expensive, increasingly brittle – Julio Jones is great but this is a running culture. Does it make Tennessee better than Kansas City? No. Buffalo? No. Cleveland’s roster? Not close. I don’t think it even makes them better than Baltimore. I think Julio Jones is an excellent player, but he’s out of his prime, and because of his expense it will limit other things you can do. Tenesee’s o-line is not is good as it was a few years ago, their secondary is depending on kids to solve their issues, and their pass-rush is at times completely regrettable. The Colts are winning that division.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he doesn’t think the blockbuster Julio Jones trade to the Titans over the weekend changes much in the AFC, as Colin still thinks the Colts are the best team in the AFC South division.

Check out the video above as Colin details why he doesn’t think the Julio Jones trade moves the needle, and why it reminds him of the Odell Beckham Jr. trade to the Browns two summers ago that made the Browns infamously become a popular pick to win the Super Bowl.

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