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Five NFL Players Whose Careers Are on the Line this Season

Five NFL Players Whose Careers Are on the Line this Season

Listen to former NFL player and current Fox Sports Radio host Bucky Brooks count down his top 5 ‘Now or Never’ NFL players of the 2021 season, as Brooks lists the players who need to get it done THIS season, or risk their careers suffering irreparable damage.

5. Jalen Reagor, WR, Philadelphia Eagles

“Everyone is mad at Jalen Reagor and he’s public enemy number one because the Eagles took him over Justin Jefferson, who became the runner-up for Offensive Rookie of the Year last year. Jalen Reagor has to show that he can be a DUDE. By the way, they brought Devonta Smith in, so not only does he have to prove US that he can be a baller, he has to prove to his TEAM that he can be the number one receiver. There’s a lot of pressure on Jalen Reagor.”

4. Chase Edmonds, RB, Arizona Cardinals

“He had comments saying 'it’s now or never', ‘I gotta get it done', ‘I’m ready for the role’ – Look, you talk about a guy who has only had 11+ carries in a game twice in his career, and someone who hasn’t proven that they can be a workhorse. They brought in James Conner, but I don’t know if James Conner can be a workhorse based on his production at Pittsburgh. The pressure is on Edmonds, he was a fourth-round pick, so for the Cardinals to not get a big-time running back they’re putting a lot of faith in him, and we’ll see if he can pay it back.”

Check out the FULL audio above for players ranked 3 through 1.

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